Nico Wissing

Nico Wissing (1961), founder and owner of Greenm2 and NL Green Label, has acquired more than 30 years experience in garden design, layout and maintenance. He regularly holds lectures in the Netherlands and abroad, and is seen as a ‘visionary in green’.


Together with his team, Nico Wissing produces concepts, specifications, technical details and presentations for the national and international market. His designs strengthen the architecture and enhance the value of the buildings for which they are produced, in combination with greater easy living, and in line with the owner’s lifestyle.

“The mixture of a variety of disciplines, from architecture and spatial planning through to urban development, parks, the living environment and gardens. The modification of materials, in other words innovative thinking in respect of green applications and materials such as concrete, steel, glass, ecoplastics, wood, etc. Green as the guiding principle; not for decorative purposes but to add value. From the very start of the planning process, green occupies a leading role. Think out of the box.


Nico Wissing is founder and owner of GreenM². It arose from a collaboration of WissingGardens and Eric Ticheloven.

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NL Greenlabel
Together with Lodewijk Hoekstra Nico Wissing has started NL Greenlabel. This initiative aims to promote the use of sustainable materials and products in which the origin of the products also plays a role. Together with Royal HaskoningDHV they also developed a sustainability passport for the products.

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