Philadelphia Flower Show 2017 Garden Nico Wissing


At one with nature.
An outdoor space in which the advantages of nature and sustainable materials are interwoven with human functioning and wellbeing.

In this show garden, I will demonstrate how an environment can be created that offers the ideal environment for plants, animals and people, by using natural, local and sustainable materials, combined with already present factors such as rainwater.

The entire natural climate is positively influenced if we take account of biodiversity, climate adaptation and the use of products and materials with a small ecological footprint in our own environment.

In this garden, the rainwater not discharged into the sewer system provides the life source for all living elements.
Life in all its forms emerges from that water supply.

The diversity of colourful perennials, flower bulbs, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees gives the garden a natural and enclosed feel, creating a true oasis of peace.

A decorative object produced from woven willow that wends its way throughout the garden like ‘nature’s DNA strand’ brings the various elements together.

All of us can help cut back on the built-up environment, and reconnect our ties with the living world around us, through the use of green, be it in public space or in private gardens.


Nico Wissing