The Floriade 2012

The Floriade 2012 was the stage for our ‘Garden of the Future’.

Together with popular TV gardener and presenter Lodewijk Hoekstra, Nico Wissing created a very special garden. Their aim was to demonstrate to the public and professionals that a wide range of sustainable alternatives are available for use in gardens.

To promote these alternatives, they launched a new label under the name NL Greenlabel (the Letters NL refer to the Netherlands but also the first names of the organisation’s founding fathers, Nico and Lodewijk).

In its Garden of the Future, NL Greenlabel presented a variety of elements, some based on regular features in any garden, like fences or a carport, but here in the form of vertical green, solar panels or a structure supporting edible plants.

Other elements were entirely new inventions including a down-scaled wind turbine for use in a garden, a tree employing kinetic energy and solar elements in the shape of a floating leaf in a pond.