Urban Oasis (in progress)

The pavilion consists of a series of innovations based on inventions inspired by nature. The top panels, for example, are covered with moss that provides a 5 to 7% contribution to air purification as the hairs on the moss leaves electrically bond half of the neutrally charged exhaust fumes from automotive vehicles.

Below the podium, an active technology device is installed – the ultrafine dust reduction system – that captures 70% of all particulates with a diameter of 10 nanometers or more, in open air, and even achieves 99% purification in semi enclosed settings. As such it captures all exhaust fumes and even elementary carbon for improved health and a better urban environment. A positively charged internal electrode emits electrons that effectively eradicate the electrons on dust particles, causing the dust particles to acquire a positive charge. These dust particles then follow the fold lines from the electrode to the grounded counter electrode. The grounded, charged counter electrode attracts the dust caked positive particulates and uses a chemical bond to fi them. This feed particulate matter builds up over a period of several months, at which point it can simply be scraped of and processed as chemical waste. The laser beams that point up through the pavilion visualize the newly cleaned air!

The red and blue LED technology generates the optimum growing light for cropping plants. As well as supplying this pink spectrum light, the LED technology delivers energy efficacy at a factor of 200 times greater than a traditional optimum growth light bulb. Thanks to smart efficacy measures, water demand by crops is reduced by one third. Furthermore, the Urban Oasis provides an environment for growing crops on at least eight levels in glasshouse nurseries, while taking up no more flor space.