NoNo House

The Green Village, TU Delft

The Green Village

In collaboration with
Mecanoo, ABT bv, DERIX-Gruppe, TheNewMakers, Schroeffundering Weenk, NL Greenlabel, Si-X, BINX Smartility

The Green Village

NoNo House is a building in The Green Village, where all kinds of solutions to reduce nitrogen (NOx) emissions in construction are being tested. In addition, the building itself was designed with the aim of emitting as little nitrogen as possible. The garden surrounding the building features a mixture of colourful prairie plants and multi-stemmed shrubs. The substrate consists of a compost layer topped with a layer of lava rock, which helps the soil retain water better. In addition, the plants in the richly flowering borders are drought-resistant and important for biodiversity. Even the splash edge around the building is important: it consists of olivine, an igneous rock capable of absorbing CO2.

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