Nature Inclusive Landscape Design

Nature-Inclusive Landscape Design

Innovative design agency for sustainable, ethical gardens
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Who we are

Green as the Guiding Principle

Studio Nico Wissing is a Dutch design agency specialising in garden and landscape design. The studio, managed by Nico Wissing, is known for its sustainable, ethical and nature-inclusive way of working. In which green is the guiding principle, not for decorative purposes, but to add real value.

What we do

Climate-Proof Projects

With years of experience, Studio Nico Wissing designs nature-inclusive gardens and landscapes, in which people and nature are in balance. We deliver tailor-made solutions, from research to design and advice, with the ecosystem at the forefront.

To gain insight into the sustainability of outdoor spaces, we work with NL Greenlabel (founded by Nico Wissing and Lodewijk Hoekstra). This label makes concepts such as circularity, biodiversity and climate resilience measurable.

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