Private Garden Doetinchem


In collaboration with

Leonie Jansen, Studio Nico Wissing

The garden of this renovated bungalow is set against a river dune. The client’s wish was clear: a sustainable garden, matching the villa’s loft-like atmosphere. The result is a beautiful river dune, dating from the penultimate ice age, with plenty of space for flora and fauna where nature and architecture intertwine. Everything in this landscape develops around the not-so-typical-Dutch height difference, about 12 metres. During construction, current trees were spared as much as possible and plant and tree species indigenous to this soil and climate were used. Special elements such as a long jetty, a water element, height differences, lighting, and corten steel stairs shape the garden. The garden has a luxurious appearance and is at the same time natural, climate-proof, and biodiverse. 

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