Groenvast Arnhem

In collaboration with
MIX Architectuur, NL Greenlabel, Studio Westgeest,  Dusseldorp Infra, Greenm², Reusen HVA

2D Visualisations
Studio Nico Wissing

3D Visualisations
MIX Architectuur

Residents of Rivierduinen do not live on the dunes, but in the middle of the dunes of the Oude IJssel-river. The centuries-old river dunes have been restored and the original biodiversity has been brought back. For instance, plant and tree species have been chosen that suit the river dune. The native plants grow well on sandy soils and attract insects that are attractive to birds, bats and small mammals. There is sufficient space in the landscape to buffer and infiltrate rainwater. Green roofs over the terraces retain water and provide cooling. Existing trees have been spared as much as possible and additional trees provide shade and prevent heat stress. A communal vegetable garden, greenhouse and playground complete this unique residential area.

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