Urban Oases

DRU Park, Ulft (prototype)

In collaboration with
Stanstechniek, Promteg, Caja Design, D2D Watersolutions, Bob Ursem, Het Struweel, Grijzen, NL Greenlabel, Iconica, Greenm²

Studio Nico Wissing

Drone Achterhoek

Urban Oases are green lungs for the city full of innovative technology. A particulate magnet purifies up to 40,000 m2/h of polluted air, rainwater is converted into drinking water, electricity is generated with solar energy and CO2 is captured with special rock. Sensors in the park continuously scan air quality and various parameters trigger the technologies. Trees, flowers and plants help improve air quality, while the greenery helps combat the ever-increasing warming of the city. The right planting choices increase biodiversity, and further rolling out this concept provides social cohesion as Urban Oases will become a meeting place for city residents.

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