WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep


WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep

In collaboration with
Greenm², NL Greenlabel

WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep, Studio Nico Wissing

WAM&VanDuren’s office can be completely disassembled, a textbook example of circular and modular construction. The garden around it is just as sustainable and is awarded with an NL Gebiedslabel A (a method of NL Greenlabel). It has everything you would expect from a nature-inclusive design: It is biodiverse, climate-adaptive and only sustainable materials have been used. The garden is filled with trees, shrubs and perennials and matches the existing flora and fauna. Wisteria and wild vine climb up against spaghetti pergolas and nesting sites have been installed. Rainwater is infiltrated directly into the wadis around the building. Moreover, all materials used are recyclable or biodegradable.

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