Marveld Recreatie

In collaboration with
Van der Heijden Architecten, Civicom

2D Visualisations
Studio Nico Wissing

3D Visualisations
VDHN Architecten

On the outskirts of Groenlo, right by the N18 motorway, the Bommelstein theme park is being realised. This park will be dedicated to the characters of cartoonist Marten Toonder. The plans include a hall of around 9,000 m2 integrated into the landscape, with Bommelstein castle at the centre. In the outdoor section, there are several areas in which the stories of Sir Oliver B. Bumble and Tom Puss are told: the dark trees forest, the knark swamp and the black mountains. This is shaped by a rolling landscape, a water marsh and a forest area. The planting used in the areas consists of native forest plants and trees. Places will also be converted to flowery grass and herb vegetation. The ecology of the park is important, so wood rills and nesting opportunities for birds and insects have been added.


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