Kondor Wessels Projecten

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Farwick Groenspecialisten

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Kondor Wessels Projecten

Modeste Herwig

Living in Iseldoks means space and peace around you, with the dynamics of the city palpably close. With this in mind, Studio Nico Wissing designed a sustainable roof garden. This 7,400 m2 courtyard, located on the first floor, features perennials, fruit trees, grassy hills, green garden fences, sitting and playing areas, open water and a number of storages with roof greenery. The greenery on the roof garden enhances the living enjoyment of all residents. It absorbs particulate matter, tempers the temperature on hot summer days, retains rainwater in wet times and provides an opportunity to meet neighbours. The courtyard is lively all year round and adds extra square metres of greenery to the city.

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