The Natural Pavilion

Floriade EXPO, Almere

Noordereng Group

In collaboration with
Oosterhoff, DP6 architecture studio

DP6 architecture studio

Scagliola Brakkee, Studio Nico Wissing

The Natural Pavilion is the national pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere. It is a showcase for future (housing) construction with innovations for the current spatial and climate challenge in the Netherlands. The pavilion is built from bio-based materials, is nature-inclusive, can be dismantled and reused in a different configuration, giving it a second, third or fourth life. Studio Nico Wissing designed an outdoor space in, on and around the pavilion to inspire visitors how to live in a sustainable and edible garden. For instance, various fruit trees and plants promote biodiversity, materials such as loam sand are permeable and a ‘wadi’ – a lowered piece of land – captures rainwater. A climate-proof living environment, made for the future. 

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